Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chris to blame for leaked pictures of RiRi?!?

So everyone knows about Riri's leaked flics online, but now the question is who put them out there? Riri seems to believe it was Chris.

After rejecting an invite to her ex beau's 20th Birthday party in Virginia he was sad and hurt. Riri believes he released the pics as a type of revenge. Chris and Riri often recorded there sexcapades on film. She furious that they were made public.

Her record label quickly moved to pull the pics off the internet and didnt deny that the lady in the pics were actually Rihanna. One of the pictures leaked was a shot of Chris with RiRi's lace thong onver his head but Chris denies having anything to do with the release of the pictures.

Didnt see the naked flics? Well i got em right here!!

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