Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wise Words from SashMone$$$

Words of Advice #128: For the fellaz.

Wouldn't u love 2 have a chick whose titty u can jus grab nd it be perfectly fine?

A chick who gives you and
ONLY you top on the regular?

A chick who u can jus lay up inside of after sex nd jus...lay up inside?

A chick u can actually bring to ur mom nd say "yea...I got her pregnant"?

U would right?
Sounds good don't it?
So cuff sumthin u dumbass.
Its fucking 2009 my nigga.
The whole "gettin bodies" shit is weak. Nd can be deadly.

Niggas got aids. hiv. pork flu. hepatitis abcde and f. dick itchin diseases nd all typa fucked up shit runnin round the place.

Calm that ass nd get a nice tite pussy nd work that shit into the shape of ya dick. Thas all u need homie.