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Wanna Be Down?

Todays last but not least VMA story...

During the "Empire State of Mind" performance by Jay Z and Alicia Keys; BK rapper Lil Mama finds her way on the stage and tries to pose with Jay Z and Alicia. Jay Z completely ignored her and after the song was done smoothly waved her off. I understand that Lil Mama is from New York but her actions were extremely distasteful. Let not start on her outfit at that... If your gonna crash the stage at least look nice. She was completely out of place.

Lil Mama was a trending topic on twitter for 2days! the topic "#LilMaMaIs" brought twitter some pretty funny pictures such as the ones below.

Lil Mama did speak on the matter and apologized.

A Real Lady

Im far from a fan of Beyonce, even though i do respect her as a artist and performer. But i give credit where its do and i must admit Beyonce is a lady. Late on in the show after the Kanye and Taylor stunt, Beyonce won an award and called Taylor up on to the stage when she accepted. It was a extremely good look. Im sure Taylor didnt feel as bad.

Personally i think she just did it to be nice. Even though she know she texted Kanye right after the stunt laughing about the matter. I would of done the same. lol

Mr. West

I'm sure you've already heard about if you didn't witness Kanye West's stunt during the 2009 Mtv VMA's. Just encase you didnt; Kanye walked on stage in the middle of Taylor Swift's acceptance speech to tell everyone that Beyonce who was a nominee, "had one of the best videos of all time!" .

Im not exactly sure how i feel the situation. I concur with his opinion and Beyonce in fact should have won the award. But it was extremely unprofessional. Granted Kanye has a hate for Mtv and feels there a bais company. So I see why he'd disrespect the way he did. But it could have been done another way.

You Decide...

Keri Hilson

Slow Dance _ Keri Hilson.
Here's the video for Keri's new single.
I enjoyed it and i hope you do too! =)

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Remember 9.11

Rest in peace to all the lives lost in this tragedy.

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This Weeks Secret

Its all about the little things...

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End of Summer Fun! 40oz bounce