Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chris to blame for leaked pictures of RiRi?!?

So everyone knows about Riri's leaked flics online, but now the question is who put them out there? Riri seems to believe it was Chris.

After rejecting an invite to her ex beau's 20th Birthday party in Virginia he was sad and hurt. Riri believes he released the pics as a type of revenge. Chris and Riri often recorded there sexcapades on film. She furious that they were made public.

Her record label quickly moved to pull the pics off the internet and didnt deny that the lady in the pics were actually Rihanna. One of the pictures leaked was a shot of Chris with RiRi's lace thong onver his head but Chris denies having anything to do with the release of the pictures.

Didnt see the naked flics? Well i got em right here!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Return of the Harlem Pant

Harlem Pants and other Pleated Pant styles havent been in since the early 90's. Seen on the runway for desighners such as Ralph Lauren (Top) and Yeves Saint Laurent (Bottom). Dressed up with heels a boyfriend blazer, the right accesories and these pants are far more glamourous then in the 90's. But beware! Worn wrong and these baggy beauties can become the downfall of your outfit!

Where to find afforadble pleated or harlem pants...

Urban Outfitters

American Apparel

Have questions about how exactly to wear your Harlem or Pleated Pants? Email me 2

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mayda Del Valle

Listen up ladies... she speaks the truth. Remember your happiness comes first.

Bassey Ikpi

Surely one of favorite poets. Listen in...

New Music!

New Drake? =). Take you Down freestyle, far from Chris Browns version lol. Check it out!

take you down - drake

Wise Words from SashMone$$$

Words of Advice #128: For the fellaz.

Wouldn't u love 2 have a chick whose titty u can jus grab nd it be perfectly fine?

A chick who gives you and
ONLY you top on the regular?

A chick who u can jus lay up inside of after sex nd jus...lay up inside?

A chick u can actually bring to ur mom nd say "yea...I got her pregnant"?

U would right?
Sounds good don't it?
So cuff sumthin u dumbass.
Its fucking 2009 my nigga.
The whole "gettin bodies" shit is weak. Nd can be deadly.

Niggas got aids. hiv. pork flu. hepatitis abcde and f. dick itchin diseases nd all typa fucked up shit runnin round the place.

Calm that ass nd get a nice tite pussy nd work that shit into the shape of ya dick. Thas all u need homie.


This Weeks Secret...

So about a year ago my cousin Melz told me about a website called; & on this website were anonymous secrets send to a guy named Frank from all over the country. I became addicted and started visiting the website every Sunday and buying the books. Its now my pleasure to share one secret a week with my readers =).

I hope you enjoy!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Male Sexuality?

Story line:
Im at work and a coworker of mine starts making jokes about this guy. Granted the jokes were funny and i did laugh; but my question arose in my head. So i asked him how felt about it and of course he starts ranting and raving about how he doesnt look at dudes that way and he would never call another dude attractive for obvious reasons.

Can one guy feel or call antoher guy attractive without being gay?

Stef Seyz:
Well of course!! Just because one dude doesnt think another guy is ugly doesnt mean he's gay. Granted, if one of my male friends randomly call another dude attractive or anything long those lines a thought would cross my mind. But if for example i was involved with a new guy' and i asked my bestie TQ his honest opinion about the dude he should be able to tell me if he's attractive or not. Honestly about the apperance of the same sex has nothing to do with being gay. My coworker told me he doesnt look at dudes that way, but if that were true and a strong defence for his case then how can he call him ugly? Hmmmm. just some food for thought.


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