Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Male Sexuality?

Story line:
Im at work and a coworker of mine starts making jokes about this guy. Granted the jokes were funny and i did laugh; but my question arose in my head. So i asked him how felt about it and of course he starts ranting and raving about how he doesnt look at dudes that way and he would never call another dude attractive for obvious reasons.

Can one guy feel or call antoher guy attractive without being gay?

Stef Seyz:
Well of course!! Just because one dude doesnt think another guy is ugly doesnt mean he's gay. Granted, if one of my male friends randomly call another dude attractive or anything long those lines a thought would cross my mind. But if for example i was involved with a new guy' and i asked my bestie TQ his honest opinion about the dude he should be able to tell me if he's attractive or not. Honestly about the apperance of the same sex has nothing to do with being gay. My coworker told me he doesnt look at dudes that way, but if that were true and a strong defence for his case then how can he call him ugly? Hmmmm. just some food for thought.

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