Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rihanna & Drake?

Ok ok, so i know its been a while since i last put up a new post. I was in the hospital and had other issues going on but nowthat everythings better =) im back!! hehe!

So i got my issue of Star Mag. today and according to them Rihanna and Drake might have a little something goin on! How exciting!! As said in my previous post she believes Chris is responsible for her leaked pics online and is furious. She's actually thinking up multiple ways of getting back at him that include relasing flics of her own, spreading rumors about how much of a "novie" he was between the sheets til she taught him everything he knows(lol), & even a dis record with female rapper Trina. Seems as though someones a bit bitter!

May 18th RiRi and friends hit up Luck Strike Lanes & Lounge and she ends up leaving wit the actor turn rapper Drake! Im a fan of both RiRi & Drake and I cant wait to see where this all leads up to!!. I wonder how Chris feels about this. Owell im happy to see Riri move on. Even though i feel she's taking her revenge thingy just a bit to far. Ignoring Chris and Seeing Drake would have been the smoothest and most effective at hurting him.

Well until next time!!!

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