Sunday, August 16, 2009

Angus & Juilia Stone

I was on Twitter the other day (@StefSeyzSo) and a friend of mine sent me a song title and artist. Angus and Julia stone _ Just a Boy. I proceeded to go on youtube and watched the music video for said song. I instantly fell in love and started to look up more of the pairs music.

The brother sister duo are originally from Sydney, Australia and have actually been out as a duo since 2006. Prior to that they were both solo artist preforming at mostly open mike nights and used each other as a backing partner. In 2006 they played at a few Australia festivals then later went on tour in the UK to promote there EP Chocolates & Cigarettes which sole 35,000. " A book like this" The first full length album by the duo was released in September 2007 in Australia and internationally on 31 March 2008.

They are a Indie music duo so if your not into indie music you more then likely wont enjoy it. BUT if you are i strongly advise to watch the youtube video posted below!

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